Customer Acquisition and Retention

Brace yourself for a Wonderful Service Maneuver

The success of service-providing businesses is driven by their customers. Regardless of the service that you provide, your customer or client is considered the most important part of your business. The absence of customer implies an absence of sale and income, which manifests the fact that customers or clients play a significant role in the success of a business. This theory of customer importance in a business gave rise to concepts of client acquisition and retention. Simply put, customer or client acquisition refers to the process of acquiring new customers or persuading them to use your services, starting from the initial stage of creating brand awareness to the final stage of service purchasing. The cost of attaining new customers is known as customer acquisition cost . Now that the customers approach you, do you think they will approach you for the same purpose in regular periods?

Now, that depends!

Well, let us say Mr. Ram was going to his office and in midway, his car stopped working because of the ignition switch failure and couldn’t find a car repair shop nearby. In this situation, there is a good chance that he calls his mechanic, whom he had known for some time, and gets it fixed.

In the above situation, Mr. Ram was in regular connection with the mechanic. As in, he was satisfied with the work of the mechanic, and thus, contacted him again when in need. This implies that a customer’s satisfaction with the services provided is necessary. Back to answering the question, yes! Your customers when satisfied with your services will prefer you again.

This ability of a company or a business to retain its customers for some time is known as customer retention. Customer retention plays a dominant role in the expansion of your business as this boosts 65% of your income and their trust towards your brand of services or products in the market. In addition to that, the CAC is five times higher than retaining an old customer. Also, regular purchases from your repeated customers will provide you repeated profit and produce lofty benefits. Consumer fulfillment and gratification will generate a positive impact on your services in the market resulting in multiple recommendations by the customer i.e., free advertisement. In the long, this will be a chain of referrals, which emphasizes us the fact that customer acquisition and retention are considerably crucial mainstays of a successful business.

While as a service provider, you exchange your knowledge, expertise, and time for money or income, how do you find your clients? While the internet is flooded with excess data and opportunities, how will you keep up to stay in the spotlight of your customers?

The answer is direct yet user friendly and easily accessible – “Exygo”

Exygo made it trouble-free by serving as a platform for all the service providers and the customers, aiding them in expanding their businesses and fulfilling their needs respectively. Exygo functions as a medium through which the customers can reach out to the service providers like saloons, parlors, hospitals, car service centers, hotels, dance classes, and a lot more.

The presence of more customers waiting for your services, each with a different purpose makes it burdensome to give appropriate attention to each customer. But no worries! Exygo is at your service!

Exygo will take responsibility for your clients and provides you with information like purchase history, appointment time, and all the updated information of your business right at your fingertips waiting for you to access them.

You all are aware of the traditional door-to-door service, right? Similarly, who wouldn’t be impressed at a text reminder for an appointment or a service? Customers feel privileged when the service provider is at their disposal, valuing their time and sending them reminders. But it is a mammoth task to remind every customer. Buckle Up! exygo on your behalf can send automatic service reminders to your customers in case of regular services like parlors, dental care, etc.

But wait! There’s more!

Well, let us say you want to book an appointment with a psychologist on a Sunday. The clinic or the medical school might be closed. Keeping in mind the facts that 77% of the patients prefer online appointment booking and 40% would even switch services for convenience, exygo is open and available at the service of customers helping them book an appointment at any time. Exygo fulfills the requirement of smartphone users in their hectic lives.

Who is waiting for an increased sale? Who wants a broad customer base?

Grab this wonderful opportunity and sign up for service provider membership in Exygo and accelerate your path of success!

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