Digital Invoicing through Exygo

Automated Digital Invoicing through Exygo

Wouldn’t it be great if your monthly customer reports are organized and generated within a few minutes? How about the reduced usage of manual and paper works? Wouldn’t that be a smooth transfer of data?

But, is that possible ?

I believe that we both know the answer to that question. The customer reports can be easily organized and generated even if they are for a long period of time through e-invoices. And these invoices are highly functional to all businesses including small and medium enterprises (hereafter mentioned as SME).

So, let us begin by understanding e-invoice. An electronic invoice or e-invoice is a statement of record for the list of goods or services provided containing the details such as customer name, accounting details, date, and so on in a structured virtual copy. Simply put, it is nothing but a report of the list of goods or services provided within a certain period of time.

Well, if you’re wondering what its purpose is, it is simple yet the most important aspect of your business i.e., to maintain a record of services provided. Maintaining a record of customer dealings will help you keep track of your revenue. These invoices are the ones that give you a peek into the financial history of your business and aid you in legal protection. Furthermore, invoices are helpful for you to improve and develop your marketing strategies by giving you an insight into your past records of services.

In the 21st century, filled with e-world of online shopping, appointments, food orders and so on,  an e-invoice is the unavoidable per-requisite not only to meet and satisfy the demands of consumers but also to maintain a structured record of the services provided to avoid default-payment by the clients and customers. An e-invoice is more of a protective shield against insolvent customers or clients.

Incorporating e-invoice in small and medium businesses ensures immediate payments and smooth transactions between the consumer and the service provider. Despite the initial hiccups of using e-invoices, using the same in the long-run would result in eased-up payments, maintenance of financial history, and secured funds. This whole process of maintaining e-invoices for each of your businesses through secured and smooth data transfer is offered by Exygo.

Exygo acts as an e-invoice generator through which the SMEs are provided with e-invoices ensuring a smooth transfer of data. Bearing in mind the time and expenses that hunting through the past paper works of customer dealings would cost, Exygo offers to reduce the manual and paperwork avoiding errors, making e-invoices available just a tap away. Also, the time taken to generate an e-invoice is 65% less than that of the manual invoice.

 With Exygo, you need not even worry about document organization and data security. Exygo confirms a highly secured transfer of data coupled with updated customer reports and analytics and makes e-invoice management easier. Above all, a shift towards Exygo’s paperless digital invoices will reduce the office expenses of ink cartridges, papers, fax machines, and other expensive equipment. Adding to that, digitized invoicing processes promise enormous cost savings of between 60 and 80 percent compared to paper-based invoicing processes.

In the end, Exygo saves the time and effort of your business by maintaining a structured data report. Exygo also puts an end to fraudulent bills by providing validated e-invoices.

Can’t wait to experience this?

Get started with your journey under Exygo.




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