Exygo’s Approach to Customer Satisfaction

The crucial part of any business is the presence of customers. Customers in a way, are the ones who control your revenue. As in, a good number of customers imply a higher generation of revenue and a smaller number of customers imply low revenue and income. Customers who are satisfied with your services refer your brand to their friends and relatives thereby resulting in the free advertisement of your brand that enhances good reputation and increases the number of customers. Moreover, a satisfied customer will prefer your service many times over the cycle of requirements and this, in turn, increases your repeat business. This proves to us the fact that customer satisfaction is the most important factor for growth and development of a business.

But, how do you satisfy, attract and retain customers at the same time?

The answer is complex. It is a due process through which the service brands enhance customer care. Now, this customer care is not limited to the old ways of addressing them only when there is an issue. Rather the modern-day world calls for effective customer care that demands availability and efficient consumer support. These two factors draw attention from the consumers because of the prevailing circumstances of pandemic (the social distancing) and hectic schedules.

Considering the social distancing practices and the consequences of not following them, people are not able to reach their service providers for booking an appointment. In tough situations like these, the majority of people prefer the opportunity of booking an appointment online. This is convenient for them and at the same time, prevents the risk of being a victim of COVID-19. Moving on to the hectic schedule, employees and homemakers are often burdened by work and end up completing their respective tasks spending overtime. As a result, people tend to book an appointment in their free time like during a coffee break, at lunchtime, etc.

The online appointment approach to the services ensures around-the-clock availability and hence, consumers can reach you at their convenience. Furthermore, this in-reach online appointment booking service will allow the customers to explore and select a schedule slot according to their needs and availability. From the perspective of service providers, having staff for handling appointments is expensive and there is also a possibility of errors. Instead, a software that organizes all the appointments according to their status by providing you a detailed report of customers and their transactions, will save you time and money.

Now that people have booked appointments, it is quite easy to forget and miss them. This costs a lot of money and time to the service providers. To prevent this, a software that sends short message service reminders for the customers’ upcoming or delayed appointments is necessary. Through these short messages, consumers will get service reminders ahead of time and this reduces the number of no-show appointments. And, customers would be immensely satisfied with the attention you are giving to them. Also, adding details to these text reminders such as name, venue, etc., will enhance the reliability of your services.

But, attending to your customers and providing services at the same time is quite burdening and time taking. To ease that burden, you can get registered in Exygo as a service provider and attend to your customers. Exygo helps you in enhancing customer satisfaction by allowing them to book an online appointment. Customers after booking an appointment will receive a confirmation text message which will be sent by Exygo representing you. Exygo also sends text reminders about delayed or upcoming appointments to the customers, thereby reducing the possibility of missed appointments of the customers.

On top of that Exygo provides you with an organized invoice of customer data and reduces the confusion of data. Exygo is economical and consists of different plans for the service providers according to their requirements.

Exygo can also help you in getting to know your customers. Want to know?

Exygo will send short messages to submit reviews upon using a service of your brand through which you can get to know the customers’ needs and improve your services. To sum up everything that has been stated, Exygo as a multi-functional platform of service providers will meet the demands and wants of the modern-day consumer.


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