Service Reminders and Auto Shops


Hear! Hear! Automobile Service Providers!

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Automotive workshops or auto shops are essential in everyday life to attend to car difficulties. The automobile repair service providers resolve these issues by providing the mechanic with requirements, be it body repairs or internal repairs. They offer a variety of services such as fixing brakes, frames, doors, bumpers, performing oil changes, repairing other moving components of the vehicle and the list goes on because cars are complicated.

This actively demonstrates to us the fact that automobile service providing is not easy. And being an automobile service provider, you cannot just rely upon your business by waiting for customers to come to your store. At the same time, you cannot go door to door and offer your services.

But, how will you expand your business? How will you make any profit out of it?

Attention automobile service providers!

We present you a great tool to increase your revenue by helping you improve your customer retention and customer acquisition, a tool to build trust among your customers, a tool that can easily reach your customers through their busy lives, and the tool which helps you know your customers, that tool which is economical; can’t wait to know? We present you Exygo.

Exygo is a platform for the service providers through which the diverse community of customers can reach you through online appointments. Exygo offers you an online presence by allowing you, the service providers to create a website of your own in Exygo, facilitating the customers in terms of reach and availability.

Exygo also offers to provide short message services, through which you can remind your customers about their upcoming appointment or a pending one. In accordance with the auto shops, Exygo, representing you, primarily creates scheduled messages to customers, reminding them to get their car serviced or about a service appointment that they should attend.

But this is just one part of it. Through Exygo’s effective short message services, you can get to know your customers and their service schedules better, thereby giving way to a repeat service business from existing customers. To explain to you with an illustration, a consumer who forgot about a pending service of his car got reminded of the service and continued to remain a customer of the same service brand because of the importance and attention they gave him. This emphasized the importance that the service providers gave him.

In addition to this, personalizing the messages with their names, adding details, and exciting offers of your service will enhance your brand and increases reliability. For instance, a consumer would likely call a known service provider rather than an unknown one when he or she is in requirement of a repair. This happens only when you get to know your customers; which is possible through Exygo. Also, sending text messages is the best marketing approach for the service providers because that will create a sense of reliance upon your brand of services and customers often start recommending you to their friends and colleagues.

Above all, considering the hectic lives of your consumers, they will feel relaxed and relieved at a text reminder of services. Exygo’s effective reminder system prevents any mistakes which otherwise could be caused by the physical staff handling this duty of reminders. Exygo also provides you an organized and detailed report of your customers and categorizes them on the status of their appointments.

All these functions of Exygo are offered to you at an economical price matching your requirement.

Wonder what Exygo has in store for you?

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