Short Message Service; The Key to Successful Business

Short Message Service; The Key to Successful Business



Markets and businesses, be it small scale or large scale, hold a significant route way to a highly developed upshot of Indian economy through a major contribution in the Gross Domestic Product. Indian business activities have been playing an essential role in uplifting the economy and development of the country.

But this twenty-first century threw a new challenge of the pandemic to the whole world in terms of health, education, market, capital, economy, and every other factor that affects a country and resulted in the recession of not just the Indian economy but also the global economy. Indian government’s lockdown declaration has affected every industry negatively due to the COVID-19 situation. “Lockdown” or the “stay at home” order led to the depletion of businesses such as electronics, parlors, textiles, etc., by creating various operational and financial hindrances for the businesses to function. However, it is quite clear that this pandemic has created a huge impact on businesses. Especially those enterprises which run on regular business income end up with zero income due to the perturbations in supply chains.

To overcome this challenge of the global epidemic, businesses should focus on improving their customer retention and acquisition, which can beĀ achieved in a considerable period of time through Exygo. Exygo, as a business-enhancing company, will increase your revenue by being a platform for the consumers to book an appointment for your services. Exygo also serves as an appointment reminder by sending short messages to the clients on behalf of you.

But, why should you incorporate short message services? How is it beneficial when compared to physical staff?

Before answering that question, you should understand that the root cause of any successful business is its customers. The number of customers and their satisfaction are core factors for the development of any business. Retaining your regular customers and gaining new customers is the magic spell of your business expansion.

There are several ways of improving and increasing your customer retention and acquisition and one such simply effective way is the short message services. Now, going back to answering the question, short message services simplify the communication between the consumer and the service provider.

This simplified text message communication can be used as appointment reminders by the service providers by personalizing it and adding details like name, date, time, place, and so on. This will not only remind the customer of the appointment but also avoids the confusion of basic details.

Also, these text messages are disability friendly and people with audio impairments can easily have access to their next appointments.

Above all, a personalized service reminder message will make the customers understand the priority and attention you are giving them. This, in turn, will promote the standard of your brand. Besides, these text message reminders will enhance customers in making referrals, thereby paving the way to new customers and a huge customer base.

Considering the fact that these text messages can be sent by both humans and automated software, you might have a question of which one is the most effective?

The answer is of course an automated and scheduled software; being an entrepreneur, it is burdensome to nurture your business services and customers at the same time. But, employing staff for this very purpose definitely is not cost-effective. This is where Exygo, an automated software of customer care helps you.

Exygo will prevent any mistakes in a text message which could otherwise be possible by the manual staff because of human tendency. Exygo is also cost-effective by giving wide options of service reminding plans matching your requirement. More importantly, Exygo is less time-consuming as it saves the time of both consumers and the service providers. And time-saving is increasing income as there will be a reduced number of no-shows and the businesses can run on a pre-planned schedule.

Exygo will also help you in avoiding disturbances by sending them reminders ahead of time; as in, you will not be interrupted by phone calls from customers while you are in a meeting or other important works.

To sum up, everything that has been stated, Exygo is multi-functional and provides you with an organized report of customers by keeping track of canceled and rescheduled appointments.

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