Short Message Services With Exygo: A Tale of Successful Business

Short Message Services With Exygo: A Tale of Successful Business

In India and the world today, be it small, medium, or large-scale industries, customer care or effective consumer service is given prominence because of its correlation to revenue generation. The industries’ growth is dependent upon the factor of increasing customers as it is coupled with the increase in revenue. Industries claim that effective means of customer care is notably the kick start to a successful business.

And one such incredibly successful and trending way of incorporating efficient customer care service is through short message services or SMS. These short message services can be used for various purposes such as appointment confirmations, appointment reminders, service reminders, or other promotional purposes.

To begin with, text messages have a 98% open rate by the consumers and 90% of the cell phone users have their mobiles available with them all the time. Acknowledging the busy schedules of people and their higher chances of neglect, a text reminder would serve as an excellent life-saver. A text message to remind someone about their upcoming or missed appointments will reduce the wastage of resources and time for the service provider as well as for the consumer or the client.

When compared to emails as service reminders, they are time-consuming and mails cannot be sent 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment. Also, the fact that emails work over the internet connection, people who are facing bad network issues cannot be intimated about their upcoming appointments due to that. To avoid these, automated or manual text service reminders are client-friendly and are a direct channel of communication.

Moving further, another way of addressing and reminding customers is through phone calls. Phone calls are considered to be the most exhaustive way of addressing issues. Moreover, consumers consider them to be annoying at times of work burden or a busy day. Clients often ignore phone calls or either block them in situations of aggressive responses. But, ringing up your customers before their service appointment and calling several such customers is time-consuming and expensive. Since it can only be done by the staff, it is manually exhaustive. Also, phone calls are often considered interruptive by the customers.

In order to steer clear and reach customers by addressing their issues and marking yourself as distinctive in the world of businesses, you should set up an efficient text messaging unit that performs the functions of sending scheduled reminders and maintaining your online appointments; this is expensive. But, it’s nothing because Exygo offers to perform all these functions at a good price.

Exygo acts as a time-efficient reminder by sending reminders, service-oriented, or any other text messages within a fraction of seconds. It is cost-effective too and provides you with three different plans matching your requirements. Exygo also has the advantage of sending automated reminders just waiting for you to schedule it; and once the appointments are set, the rest is on the go. All you have to do is provide your clients with the services.

Join Exygo and say goodbye to the no-show or missed appointments!



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