1.Login to your principal entity account.

2. Click on template tab and select content template registration from the dropdown box.

3. Choose your type of communication from the list of promotional, transactional, service explicit or inferred.

After choosing your type of communication, if you choose either service explicit or promotional, you will be asked to enter your template name.

 If you choose service inferred or transactional, you will not be asked to enter any template name.

5. The next step is to choose your template type; SMS or voice.

6. Now, pick your content category from the list of displayed options.

7. Then, enter your content template name and choose the header.

8. Lastly, enter your template content that shall be used for commercial communication and click on the submit button.

9. Upon submission, you will see a pop-up box asking us to confirm template submission.

10. Bingo! Your request of contemplate registration is under review and once approved, can be used for commercial communication.

But, how to check your status of approval? You can’t just sit and wait for an e-mail right? Follow the steps given below to check your content template registration approval status:

  1. A. Click on the template tab and select content template registration details.


  1. B. This will show you three displayed options which are requested, rejected and registered.

  2. c. Click on the requested tab to check your list of content templates within a time period.

  3. D. Similarly, you can even check your rejected and registered content templates by clicking on the rejected and registered tabs respectively.
  4. E. Once your content template is approved, the same can be viewed from the registered tab.