Following the crisis year of 2020, it is extremely important for the industries to create a marketing plan and strategy that is pandemic proof and helps not just in sustenance but also in increasing your revenue and improving your business. One of the most affected industries during the pandemic is the beauty industry of parlours, spas, and salons. They have been drastically affected by the social distancing and the no-physical contact practices followed due to the widespread COVID-19 cases. As yet, 2020 has brought about heavy losses to the beauty industry and pushed some of them even into poverty. To overcome this and fight the losses of the pandemic, a salon or a spa must be fuelled with an effective marketing plan. Here is Exygo’s guide to a productive marketing plan in just three steps for the salons, spas, and parlours:

Ready? Get Set, Go!
1. The first step is to get ready. By getting ready, it implies for the salons and parlours to be prepared for the financial year of 2021.

    1. So, you have to collect and analyse your previous year’s business reports to have a complete picture of the vicissitudes through which you can set goals for the current year and stop repeating the steps which you took in the early year. If you are a long-term user of Exygo, you can easily access these reports, which are just a click away. Assess and choose what resulted in the increased customers and what didn’t.
      Some of the important aspects which you should focus on in your business reports are the average number of appointments in a month, the monthly and yearly revenue, the increase in the number of customers in that year, the total number of customers of that year, and so on that will help you determine the cons and set your financial goals for the upcoming year. To help you maintain your customer data and analyse annual or  performance reports, online appointment software will help you in generating automatic reports for you.
      Not just that, Exygo will also help you maintain paper-free e-invoices that save you time and energy in searching for a particular invoice. Here is how Exygo helps you in digital invoicing : Digital Invoicing through Exygo.  


2.Now, get set with your goals. Set up short-term and long-term goals. Consider your previous year’s business reports and set realistic and practical goals which can be achieved. For instance, you want an increased customer base or increased revenue in a month. According to your goals, set up a plan for the month and start implementing it. Some of the significant aspects which you should take into consideration while planning are the budget finalizing, making your website or webpage attractive, increasing your customer base, advertising, and so on.

But all these steps of making your online presence attractive, broadening your customer base, and advertising will leave you in a loop of tasks making it difficult and exhaustive for you to focus on the service that you are providing. To take you off of those complex and time-consuming tasks, online scheduling software offers to perform these for you at such an economical price matching your requirement. Exygo offers you an effective online presence in digital marketing and you can create your own Exygo webpage representing your services. Exygo, as an online appointment booking app, helps your customers to book online appointments for your services. As in, your customers through Exygo can book an appointment for your services and can reach you even when your salon, spa, or parlour is closed. But, there are chances that your customers might forget about your appointment and miss it. With Exygo, you don’t have to worry about that because Exygo on behalf of you will send text reminders for appointments to your customers.

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3. Now, work your plan and go with Exygo which will result in a prosperous business for you this year. And the best way to implement your plan is through schedules which can be created by Exygo, all the way becoming your plan of action and your reminder. Keep your promotional offers in check and mark all the events to attract your customers with offers and keep earning.

We, at Exygo, a platform of service providers, help them develop and improve their business through our online appointment booking, scheduling, and service reminding software for the parlours, salons, and spas, complementing their business and aid them in customer retention and acquisition.


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