How to choose the best scheduling software for your business


Consumers’ urge to approach e-platforms to satisfy their service  requirements in the backdrop of COVID has escalated expeditiously; thereby, compelling all the service providers to seek for an outstanding online presence to expand their business and their clientele. The basic yet the crucial element to achieve a huge clientele and ultimately, an expanded business is customer satisfaction. The magical ingredients to customer satisfaction is appropriate service coupled with expedient price, and an interminable availability of your services. Taking into account the existing pandemic circumstances, it is highly preposterous to open your service supplying stores. Even in pre-pandemic India, service supply stores were not available during public holidays.

To address that issue of lack of around the clock availability, you will require an online appointment scheduling software, allows your customers and a wide range of people to book an online  appointment for your service at anytime and anywhere. But, how does an online appointment software feature of a service providing business assist you? As discussed above, an online platform representing your services with the opportunity of booking them online, will increase the reach and your clientele will be satisfied at the online scheduling option that enables them to schedule a service appointment at anytime and anywhere.

I mean, how cool is it to schedule a bike servicing appointment from home instead of waiting at the store for hours? It is not only time-saving but takes only a minute or a few to schedule a service appointment and then kaboom!

There you go! Scheduled service appointment for your bike from just where you are sitting.


But, how do you select and choose your perfect scheduling software for your business? While opting for a scheduling software, one must consider the following features that will allow you to save time, energy and money.


Simplified usage of a scheduling software forms an important cornerstone for your business. Simplified usage of a free scheduling software implies ease of usage to both your staff as well as your clientele. This enables a less complicated procedure for scheduling or handling appointments.


Security of data is one of the essentials of your business because, your choice of scheduling software will be accessed to the information not only of your customers but also that your business which could be sensitive and confidential. Choosing a software that offers cloud-based storage system of your data at an economical price will ensure security.


An exclusive webpage for your service is quintessential for your business, because, it enhances your publicity and will not give rise to any question of uncertainty of service booking. You should also keep in mind that your service booking page is smooth, efficient and accessible from a mobile as well by your clientele.


An appointment booking software with a tailor-made scheduler is highly necessary for your business. A scheduler which can be customized according to your customers’ needs and services is highly preferred due to its flexibility. Another important feature is its synchronizing with external calendars or schedules, which will further allow you to maintain a personal updated calendar.


This is one more attribute of a scheduling software which you should consider because this is a lubricant for your business, through which you can send automated text messages regarding confirmed, rescheduled or delayed appointments and even seek review of your services through these automated features.


Service reminders are a necessity for service providing business. So, the online appointment scheduling software you choose must be equipped with service reminders that will aid you in sending reminders to your clients about their upcoming service appointments.


Your service appointment scheduling webpage must be easily accessible through mobile phones because, people carry their smartphones most of the time. Moreover, customers can directly book for a service at times of need right from their mobile phones rather than waiting to get home for laptop or interrupting work at office. This feature makes approach to your business client-friendly and convenient.


Invoice generating and management is the most important factor of your business. The digital invoice generating feature of an appointment scheduling software makes it easier for you to keep up with your service records. This will help you keep track of your client service records and reduces the traditional method of storing your hard copy of service records which made identification of particular invoice time consuming. But, digital invoices will help you identify a particular service record within a matter of seconds.


Organized customer data coupled with their respective invoices and service record history is significant for your business because, this saves time by helping you focus on improving your service, and aid you in remembering your customer preferences, thereby increasing the chances of attention to each and every customer on the basis of their requirements.


And guess what? All of these features are available in one appointment scheduling software, also a mobile application known as Exygo. Exygo as a platform of service providers, is multi-functional with smart traits to fulfil your needs and services without compromising your comfort, time and safety.


Exygo’s exclusive features consist of online service appointment booking,  service reminding, invoice generating and organizing customer data. To address that issue of lack of around the clock availability, Exygo as an online appointment scheduling application, allows your customers and a wide range of people to book an online  appointment for your service at anytime and anywhere. Exygo as your service reminding buddy will send you service appointment reminders about any upcoming appointments.  But, these missed or no-show appointments are detrimental to businesses, especially the SMEs. To prevent and keep a check to the no-show appointments, Exygo sends service appointment reminders through short text messages to the customers beforehand reminding them about their upcoming service appointments. Exygo with the function of generation digital invoices, will reduce manual work and assist you in maintaining and organizing your service records without any confusion or errors. Exygo will aid you keep track of the records of services provided which will give you a peek into your service transactional history and aid you in legal protection. Moreover, invoices come in handy while developing your marketing strategy. Exygo provides you with an insight into your service records digitally which are available on your fingertips, thereby diminishing the usage of paper and staff which is economical and environment friendly. With Exygo, your customer data is organized and safe, that is time-saving.

Download Exygo app to experience one of the best appointment scheduling app.

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