Service Providing businesses are the most affected ones because of the COVID pandemic. Due to the existing social distancing, lockdown and curfew practices in India, service providing businesses have come to bear huge monetary losses leading to the closing of some businesses. But, service providing businesses cannot wait until the end of pandemic to restart their businesses. So, in order to make your business pandemic proof, one has to implement such a clientele marketing plan that not only attracts customers, but enhances your service brand; thereby leading to a thriving business. Following are the listed features that you must consider while implementing a marketing plan:

  • 1. Primary advantage of the online presence of your service brand is recognition. An online presence of your brand enhances your recognition.
  • 2. Keeping in mind the pandemic circumstances, an effective online presence will broaden the reach of your customers, as in, your service business customers are not limited because of the physical presence at a particular place. Now, people from around the city can view your brand online and approach for your services.
    1. But, how will consumers from around the city approach your services? They will not come directly to your service providing store because of the pandemic circumstances.
  • 2. To avoid that, your webpage or your online presence must be aided with online appointment scheduling software, through which your customers can book an appointment for your service.
  • 3. This online appointment booking feature of your website will allow your customers to prebook a service appointment, thereby, reducing long waiting hours for customers and a scheduled business to the service providers.
  • 4. Online service appointment booking will also help you maintain a consistent flow of customers.


    Now that your customers have booked a service appointment, there is a chance that they might forget it easily, which leads to no-show service appointments that cost a lot of money and time to the service providing businesses.
  • To avoid these no-show appointments, your online appointment scheduling software must be complemented by service reminding feature the enables sending service appointment reminders to your customers regarding their upcoming service appointments.
  • Make sure your service reminders are short and comprehensible, which are fulfilled by SMS reminders.
  • The best medium of service reminding is SMS because of the fact that they can be sent even minutes before a service appointment like a final reminder.
  • Moreover, SMS have more opening rate because of the availability of mobile phones with the customers.
  • In addition to that, service reminding through emails is not suggested due the lack of internet facility.
  • Considering the pandemic circumstances, the contact free digital invoices will be helpful to your business to reduce the risk of getting affected by COVID.
  • Moreover, an efficient digital invoice generating system will help you organize and maintain huge number of invoices without paperwork.
  • With a digital invoice generating system, you don’t have to dig through a ton of paper files to find a particular invoice; everything is available just a click away.

These four essential features of a service providing business will aid you in marketing and increase customer acquisition and retention, resulting in a higher generation of revenue.


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