The term header means an alphanumeric string of maximum six characters or numbers assigned to an individual, business or legal entity under the TRAI regulations to send commercial communications and the same was previously addressed as the sender ID. This header is of different types for different SMS categories namely, promotional and others(includes transactional, service implicit and service explicit). Before going to the process of header registration, let us understand these header types.

Starting with the promotional messages, these are market oriented. These messages which are often sent to non DND numbers are used for the purpose of promoting a business or a product. And the headers for sending promotional messages should contain six digits without any alphabets.

Moving on to the other header types, it  includes transactional, service implicit and service explicit. The transactional messages are often used by the category of banks and finance as they are used for sending one-time passwords or OTP. The service implicit messages are used for the purpose of sending order confirmations and updates, payment status and so on. Lastly, the service explicit messages involves sending marketing messages only to your registered customers with their consent. These header types can be in numerical or in alphabetical formats.


Below are the listed steps to add header in Jio DLT:

1. Firstly, login to your Jio DLT account which will take you to your dashboard in which the option of Header SMS will be displayed. Click on that and there will be a dropdown box displaying two options namely, header SMS registration and header SMS details. Select the first option : header SMS registration.


Upon doing that, the following page appears.


2. Secondly, click on header type and select one from the promotional or others(transactional, service explicit, service implicit)



3. Thirdly, click on the category tab and there will be a quick display of category options such as banking, education, health, finance and so on. Select your required category and click on submit.


4. After clicking on Submit, enter the header name. While entering the header name, you must keep in mind that a promotional type header name must only contain numbers and the others type header name can contain either numbers or alphabets.

Also, the numerical order of the header category is important as it decides the starting digit of the header name. For instance, the first category is banking. So, the header should begin with its numerical order that is, 1. The same applies with the rest of the categories; real estate category header starts with 2, education starts with 3 and so on.

5. Moving further, after you click on the submit button, a dialog box displaying confirmation of submitted header registration will pop up.

But, if the header name you have entered already exists, another pop-up box as given below will be displayed.

6. After successful submission of header request, you will receive an email on your registered email ID as given below. The approval of your Jio DLT header registration will take three to seven working days .

In the meanwhile, you can view your status of header registration by clicking on the header SMS tab and selecting header SMS details. Upon doing that, you can see three displayed options; pending approval, rejected, and registered through which you can view all the pending, rejected and registered headers.

 In addition, you can also view the headers within a particular time scale by entering dates as given above; now click on apply and there you go. You will find the header that you searched for.

Similarly, you can view all your rejected headers by clicking the rejected tab; in this, you will also find the details such as header type, rejected date with the reason of rejection. You can view your registered headers in the same way by clicking on the registered tab.