Post-industrial revolution, women have seen consistent growth in various fields of employment and 20th century has been a milestone of women employment in India. India has seen women in various fields of work starting from agriculture, industrial to educational, hospitality, transportation and many more diverse fields of our country.

This evolution of women in various fields of work has led to financial stability and the nation saw a steady economic growth by reason of increasing employment in the nation irrespective of the presence of patriarchal society and gender biased norms. We have listed out a few business ideas that women can try and succeed in.

While choosing your business idea from below, identify your passion and interests so that you enjoy investing your time and energy in your idea and if you are at a learning stage, it’s never too late to sharpen those skills of your interest and achieve it.

Follow up with the list of employment ideas listed below:


Event planning is one of the most demanded services due to the lack of proficiency in talent and creativity of planning in an event among people. To resolve this problem and make events everlasting to people, event planners are necessary. Event planning and management is stagnant in the beginning and consistently increasing once you mark your brand amidst the crowd. After budding your vent planning business with small social and personal events, your identity will bring you corporate event management opportunities.

So, building your identity and standing apart from the crowd in addition to your excellent service is a must for you to be a successful event planner.






Fitness is essential for healthy living. Those whose interest lies in exercising and fitness training can opt for this career. Being a fitness trainer by profession will not only earn you money but keeps you healthy. Basic requirements of a fitness trainer include your bachelor’s qualification and certification of your expertise in fitness training. Once you are a certified fitness trainer, you have multiple platforms available to showcase your services and reach your customers such as through YouTube channels, your own fitness centre, your own fitness mobile application and a lot more. So, pick your mode of work and get started.




Careers in the educational field primarily include teaching and tutoring. Considering the pandemic circumstances, you can be employed as a subject teacher or a tutor and earn from home through online teaching. Once you are a teacher, your student community will increase according to your work and subjects.




Interior designing is a profitable career if you are an innovative person and interested in experimenting or decorating your house interiors. Re-modeling or designing a house by making it functional without compromising its beauty is a profitable career because of the demand for interior designers. For starting a career as an interior designer, you require creativity coupled with basic experience to pitch yourself some clients.



                                                                                                                                  SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT
Social media management involves the duty of optimizing a company’s socials; as in, maintaining their social media profiles by managing and creating content. Online presence is one of the core essentials and creating a high profile is something that pitches in clients. A social media manager builds notable recognition of the respective company online.





Blogging is the most flexible working career you can ever opt for. All you need is a website of your own and author articles about your interests.  Blogging is vast and inclusive. You can blog about food, beauty, technology, and a lot more about your interests.




Content writing is a career that has consistent growth. And freelance content writing is a job where you are your own boss. Freelance content writers’ work includes writing various articles for a company or client and get paid accordingly.

Discovered any career that piqued your interest? Pick up from the listed careers that you are interested in. Identify your interests and skills by focusing on them and give it your best to grow in that career of your choice. Can’t wait to see growing financial independence among women.