Being a Salon artist demands creativity throughout your work. Be it a freelancer or a salon owner, I must say that satisfying your customers and increasing your revenue is a tough job. Apart from those strategies you use on your clientele to reach your revenue goals, here are five effective steps that help your salon multiply its income.



First step of increasing your clientele is increasing your reach of services because, salon clients are generally restricted to their place of residence. As in, most clients prefer going to a salon in their city. So, how do you broaden your clientele? Broadening your clientele requires them to identify your Salon services. And that happens if you have an effective online presence. So, go create a website for your salon service that draws out customers from various places. You can achieve an effective online presence through Exygo. Exygo as a platform of service providers, offers to create a webpage representing your salon services that not only enhances your identity but also has an added feature on online appointment booking; through which your customers can schedule an online appointment of your salon services from anywhere. Exygo’s online appointment booking software starts from a free plan to match your requirements.

Second step is creating a referral program. This means providing your customers the opportunity  of rewards or discount on your services for referring to their friends, family or neighbours is a productive and healthy way of increasing your clientele. But, how do you communicate your referral programs to your customers?

The most effective way of conveying your referral programs is through SMS. Sending personalized referral programs through SMS instead of mails or cold calls have a higher rate of customers acknowledging them. Sending in bulk SMS addressing their names is not an easy task while handling your Salon business. To ease you up on this task, you can use Exygo’s short message services feature. This feature of Exygo helps Salon business owners in conveying their referral programs to a bulk audience.

The third step is not to restrict your clientele type. That implies the concept of expanding your clientele type. For instance, your salon services can be extended to men and children instead of limiting them to women. Though men and children may not be regular, they still make a remarkable difference in your monthly revenue.

Lastly, be creative in your marketing. Use unique marketing strategies on different platforms such as hair care advice, tips to control hair fall, and so on. This results in a display of your services as well as aids you in creating a reputation for your salon services.



Your existing customers are your treasure. The existing customers already believe in your services, as a result, they repeat. Upselling is not restricted to the idea of making your services expensive. It has multiple approaches which include focusing on your customer needs and providing services or products accordingly.

Let us say Riya is a corporate manager and prefers your Salon because of the exquisite services you offer. Riya is your regular salon customer. And the last time she came to your Salon, she was exhausted.  So, understanding her need for relaxation and recommending her your services or products that match her needs will bring her satisfaction and relief. And, that is upselling.

Understanding your client requirements, and adapting your services according to them is the core idea of upselling.



Offering new services is another strategy for increasing your revenue. Identify the products or services that complement your Salon and implement them in your salon business. Moreover, this addition of new services or products acts as an upgrade to your services that result in higher revenue with each customer opting for that upgrade.



Customer feedback plays an important role in understanding the preferences of your clientele which further helps you in improving your salon services. Making sure that they give honest reviews is important because understanding their interests in your salon services is the idea behind seeking customer reviews.


Securing your salon staff with flexible working conditions and attractive pay is really necessary because they are the revenue influencing factor of your salon. Staff is the ones that offer your services to your clientele and create a satisfactory experience with them. So, recognizing their performance and rewarding them will make your staff welcoming towards your clientele. Furthermore, the factor of customers preferring your salon over others will depend on your staff’s preference of working for your salon.



Buckle up salon services! Implement these effective strategies and upscale your salon business. If you are looking for an eased-up way of implementing these customer acquisition strategies for growing your salon business, download Exygo app and experience free online appointment scheduling software, short message services, and many more that upscale your salon business.